Bulk SSD Solid State Drive

Bulk SSD Solid State DriveBulk SSD Solid State DriveBulk SSD Solid State Drive

Bulk SSD Solid State Drive Specification: Capacity available: 120GB/128GB/240GB/256GB/480GB/512GB/1TB/2TB Bulk SSD Style Available: 2.5鈥?SSD SATA 3.0 PCBA, MSATA, M.2 PCIE, M.2 SATA, M.2 PCIE NVME Features: 1. Bad block management, Spareblock replacement, and the error correction code (ECC) software are necessary to manage the error bits in NAND Flash devices. 2. LDPC ECC(Error correction code). 3. RAID Protection (Redundant array of independent disks). 4. SMART commands that allow users to read spare and bad block information. The users can thus evaluate drive health at run time and receive an early warning before the drive life ends. 5. The intelligent SLC caching algorithm enables the NAND flash memory to operate in SLC- mode and hence enhances write performance of SSD. Solutions: Product DescriptionCapacityRead/Write speedControllerFlashDRAM 2.5 3D TLC SSD120GB550/400(MB/s)SM2259XT2Hynix/Micron B47R AAN/A 2.5 3D TLC SSD120GB550/400(MB/s)SM2259XT2Hynix/Micron B47R AAN/A 2.5 3D TLC SSD240GB520/420(MB/s)SM2259XT2HynixN/A 2.5 3D TLC SSD240GB520/420(MB/s)SM2259XT2Micron B37RN/A 2.5 3D TLC SSD240GB520/420(MB/s)SM2259XT2Micron/YMTCN/A 2.5 3D TLC SSD480GB520/450(MB/s)SM2259XT2Micron B17A/B27A/intelN/A 2.5 3D TLC SSD960GB560/480(MB/s)SM2259XT2Micron B17A/B27A/intelN/A 2.5 3D TLC SSD128GB550/400(MB/s)SM2259XT2Hynix/Micron B47R AA/YMTCN/A 2.5 3D TLC SSD128GB550/400(MB/s)SM2259XT2Hynix/Micron B47R AAN/A 2.5 3D TLC SSD256GB520/420(MB/s)SM2259XT2HynixN/A 2.5 3D TLC SSD256GB520/420(MB/s)SM2259XT2Micron B37R/intelN/A 2.5 3D TLC SSD256GB520/420(MB/s)SM2259XT2YMTCN/A 2.5 3D TLC SSD512GB520/450(MB/s)SM2259XT2Micron B17A/B27A/intelN/A 2.5 3D TLC SSD512GB520/450(MB/s)SM2259XT28A1B/HynixN/A 2.5 3D TLC SSD1TB560/480(MB/s)SM2259XT2Micron B17A/B27A/intelN/A 2.5 3D TLC SSD1TB560/480(MB/s)SM2259XT2Micron B17A/B27A/HynixN/A 2.5 3D TLC SSD2TB560/500(MB/s)SM2259XT2Micron B17A/B27A/intelN/A 2.5 3D TLC SSD128GB550/480(MB/s)SM2258HINTEL/Micron128M 2.5 3D TLC SSD256GB550/500(MB/s)SM2258HINTEL/Micron256M 2.5 3D TLC SSD512GB550/500(MB/s)SM2258HINTEL/Micron512M 2.5 3D TLC SSD1TB550/500(MB/s)SM2258HINTEL/Micron1024M 2.5 3D TLC SSD2TB560/500(MB/s)SM2258HINTEL/Micron2048M 2.5 QLC SSD2TB560/500(MB/s)SM2259XTINTELN/A 2.5瀵窼ATA128/120GB550/510(MB/s)HG2258D25G9TBX8EX239A*2SDR32MB銆€ 2.5瀵窼ATA128GB550/510(MB/s)HG2258H25QFT8A1A DA*2SDR32MB銆€ 2.5瀵窼ATA128GB550/510(MB/s)HG2258H27QEG8M2A DA *2SDR32MB 2.5瀵窼ATA128GB550/510(MB/s)HG2258JGS*2*2 or *4SDR32MB銆€ 2.5瀵窼ATA128GB550/510(MB/s)HG2258H25BFT8A1M*2SDR32MB銆€ 2.5瀵窼ATA256/240GB550/510(MB/s)HG2258D25G9TBX8EX239A*4銆€SDR32MB 2.5瀵窼ATA256GB550/510(MB/s)HG2258H25QFT8A1A DA*2*2 or *4銆€SDR32MB 2.5瀵窼ATA256GB550/510(MB/s)HG2258H27QEG8M2A DA*2*2 or*4銆€SDR32MB 2.5瀵窼ATA256GB550/510(MB/s)HG2258JGS*4*2銆€SDR32MB 2.5瀵窼ATA256GB550/510(MB/s)HG2258H25BFT8A1M*2*2銆€SDR32MB 2.5瀵窼ATA512GB550/510(MB/s)HG2258H25QFT8A1A DA*4*2銆€SDR32MB 2.5瀵窼ATA512GB550/510(MB/s)HG2258H27QEG8M2A DA*4*2銆€SDR32MB 2.5瀵窼ATA512GB550/510(MB/s)HG2258JGS*4*4銆€SDR32MB 2.5瀵窼ATA512GB550/510(MB/s)HG2258H25BFT8A1M*4*2銆€SDR32MB 2.5瀵窼ATA1TB550/510(MB/s)HG2258H25BFT8A1M*4*4銆€SDR32MB FAQ 1. How can you protect the bulk package SSD goods via long distance transportation? We put bulk SSD into the elastic bag, then insert the bulk SSD into the EVA form like below,it can protect the bulk ssd PCBA board well. 2. What kind of OEM service you can provide? How to contact you if still questions for you SSD? Customize solution SSD, Customize printing or laser logo or your other design, and also CKD SSD Kits (PCB board+ BGA+ electronic component) for some high import tax country customers which has SMT experience, the bulk SSD is the best way for brand customers who has special requirement for some special solutions and want to save import tax, shipping cost.Bulk SSD Solid State Drive website:http://www.viccotech.com/ssd-solid-state-drive/


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